How to become a confident nail art technician


“I’m not an artist”

“It’s too difficult”

“It takes too long”

We’ve probably all been here before and muttered these words whilst scrolling through nail art photos or videos on social media.

Wishing we could also just pick up a brush and produce an outstanding piece of art in the space of 1 minute.

Not taking any time to think about the hours, months or even years of practise that has gone into developing the skills.

In the past I’ve also been guilty of sitting for hours scrolling though social media. Wishing I could recreate every piece of art in every technique possible. And knowing that I couldn’t made me feel deflated.

Which is quite funny really. Because most of what I dreamed of doing was intricate art on extremely long nails. Which in reality on a set of nails could take half a day.

I love doing ‘’salon art’’. Quick art on a set of short nails. This is where my passion lies and where I feel most confident.

How to become a confident nail art technician

Now I’m going to share with you 5 ways about how you can be a confident nail art technician.


1. Improve your nail art skills

This is an obvious one. Once you have developed basic skills in nail art, it will give you the confidence to offer it to your customers. And even when you are creating your art, and it’s doesn’t go to plan, you will have learnt how to correct it. Resulting in customers who are impressed every time with a beautiful design. Knowing that you can rely upon your own skills and knowledge will boost your confidence.

If you have nail art on display and your customers chooses one of your designs, you don’t necessarily need to produce a 100% replica. But you will need to produce  something which looks at least similar. So show examples of your own work that you feel confident about recreating.

A good way to improve your skills is to follow a training. We offer online step by step trainings. You can follow these at your own pace in the comfort of your own home.

Following one of our trainings will keep you motivated. It will be just like having a one on one training with me to guide you every step along the way.

stamping nailart

2. Be honest    

Be honest to your customers about what you can offer. And tell them how long it will take.

Only offer nail art that you enjoy doing. Customers can feel it if you are doing something that you don’t really want to. And it can make them feel uncomfortable or apologetic.

And there is nothing worse than having a customer who is in a rush to pick up her kids. Whilst at the same time you are struggling to finish off an intricate design. Which you are not enjoying and is taking longer than you thought. This will make you nervous and deflate your confidence.

Your nail art does not have to be complicated to impress your customers. You can start off with a few gemstones, glitter or stickers for example.

You will keep your customers happy if you produce designs within the timeframe that you have given them.

3. Set goals   

Set nail art goals for yourself. You can set a big goal you dream of reaching. And along the way you can have smaller goals to keep you motivated.

For example, you might set a goal to become really good at animal design hand painted nail art. Or you may want your nail art to appear on the cover of a magazine or on the hands of a celebrity.

And your smaller goals could be improving your brush skills, showing your art on social media, practising for a certain amount of time each week, focusing on a single animal or following a training.

As you see yourself improving along the way and achieving your smaller goals, you will feel encouraged to keep on going. And your confidence will grow.


4. Practise   

It’s important to practise what you have learnt. You may have followed a training and learnt a design. And the educator took you step by step through the design. But once you try it by yourself you may have difficulty. And that’s because you’ve learnt a new skill that isn’t yet automatic.

Take the time to practise. Once you get used to following the designs and doing it by yourself. You can then start to add your own creativity.

Have fun trying things out. If you make mistakes it doesn’t matter. This is how you learn. And knowing how to cover up mistakes is all part of the process. This will also give you confidence when you know what to do when a design starts to turn out differently than you had hoped.

Just keep on going and developing your skills.

practice makes progress

5. Focus on yourself  

Focusing on yourself will boost your confidence. When you do this you are measuring your own progress against your own skills and abilities.

Don’t waste time comparing your skills against those who have spent years improving theirs. This is of no benefit to you. And will only make you feel unhappy.

Some days you may feel more confident than on other days. And that is normal. As long as you notice this and keep moving forward.

As time goes by you will see improvements and feel proud of yourself!

How to become a confident nail art technician

How to become a confident nail art technician

I’ve shared with you 5 ways of how you can become a confident nail art technician. Using just one of these suggestions will already help you on your way.

I started on my nail art journey quite a few years back. And I enjoy every moment when I can make a customer smile with a new creation. I also love sharing my knowledge and helping others.

If you are interested in learning a new technique then take a look on our online platform. Here you will find the online trainings which are now available.

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