How to sell nail art to your customers


‘’I only wear nudes.”

“I’m too old for nail art.”

“What would people think?”

“It’s too much on all my nails”.’’

“It looks nice on other people.”

How often have you heard your customers say things like this?

I’m sure quite a few times, right? And it can be disheartening. I mean you’ve spent time and money on learning a new exciting nail art technique. And you’ve practised it many times on tips and on your own nails. And now you’re eager to finally do it on some real nails. Yet your customers are not interested.

But don’t give up. I’ve had customers who have told me that they’re not interested in nail art. Who are now happily walking around and showing off their nail art to friends and family.

Now I’m going to share with you my top 5 tips on how you can sell nail art to your customers. Try them, and let me know in the reactions what works for you. (Also if you have other tips that could help others, please share).

nail art- top tips


In the beginning I didn’t even really think about doing nail art on my customers. I was more concerned about making a set of nails within the few hours I’d given myself. And if I did nail art on top of that I thought it would take me way too long.

After a while I started to work a bit faster. And I started to experiment with a bit of glitter here and there. And a bit of foil. Step by step I built up my confidence, until I was so excited to be doing nail art at most of my appointments. And I’m so glad I did this because I have a passion for nail art and my customers love it.

And one of the nice benefits is you can increase your earnings. Read about this in my blog: One Stroke nail art and pricing your nail art.

And you don’t have to be an artist to do nail art. Everyone can do nail art. You just have to want to do it and practise.

1 – Wear your nail art

This is the easiest way of getting your customer interested in nail art. Decorate one or even all of your own nails and show them to your customer. Talk about the technique you have used and explain the different possibilities. Such as having the design in a different colour or on a different background, or made smaller or larger. Or if you can add to the design with gems for example or remove extra details from the design.

2 – Display your nail art  

Show off your tips that you have made. This can be done in a variety of ways. For example you can attach some tips on a photo frame. Or you could have your designs on a colour ring. You could even stick your tips to the top of your UV or LED lamp. You just need to make them look nice and appealing. And have them close by for your customer. After all your customer will have plenty time to look at them.

Another nice idea is to make a photo book of your art. Have it in your waiting area or on your table.

Or if you have a social media account and you post photos regularly, let your customer scroll through for inspiration.

nail art-colour ring

3 – Offer advice

You need to give your customer advice. If your customer always chooses a French manicure for example, then it would be best to offer something subtle like a few gemstones on an accent nail. There would be no point in offering to decorate all of her nails with neon flamingos. And if you have a customer who likes to change colours at each appointment. You could offer her something more adventurous. What is important is that you offer advice but that you don’t make your customer feel pushed into having nail art that they don’t want. In my experience many customers will love it. But there are always some customers who will never have nail art . And that is fine. Just don’t keep asking them at each appointment. That will only annoy them.

4 – Offer a freebie  

Now that you have had the time to get your customer interested in nail art, you could offer to give her a free complementary nail art. Just do it on one nail. And tell her the price it would normally cost. This could get her interested in choosing art at her next appointment. Especially if she gets nice compliments from her friends.

Or you could think of a promotion by offering nail art at a special price for a limited time. Or for a special occasion like Mother’s Day or Christmas. You could have a few designs ready that they can choose from.

5 – Talk about what’s in fashion

Stay up-to-date with the latest trends and share this with your customers. Check out fashion magazines and fashion shows, which you can follow online. Look at the manicures of celebrities and social media influencers. You can even make a mood board for each season and frame it.

Becoming a member of nail forums online is also another great way to get inspired by nail technician’s and educators.


These were my ideas to get your customers into nail art

I’ve shared with you 5 ways of how you can sell nail art to your customers. And I myself have done all of these. Now, if you want to offer your customer something special that they will love just like my customers, then I recommend you to follow my online Curls & Swirls Nail Art Training.

From the comfort of your own home, I will take you step by step through the technique. So that you can offer your customers unique nail art whilst earning extra money for doing it. I look forward to sharing my knowledge with you!

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