My First Blog – Introducing Your Nail Technician

My First Blog - Introducing Your Nail Technician

I’m here sitting at my computer feeling a little apprehensive. About to write my first blog, yet I’m not really sure how to go about this and I’m staring outside of my window at the trees for inspiration. Yes I’ve got plenty I would like to write, but I just don’t know how it will come over in the written word, or even if I’m doing this properly. My husband suggests that I start with introducing myself as I’ll be your online nail technician. So I’ll take his advice and start there. I just need to figure out where the starting point is. I’ve got my tea an biscuits on standby so here it goes.

How I became a nail tech

It was in 2011 that I signed up for my first nail training. I was working as a nurse which was a nice job, but I realised that this was a difficult combination with family life. We had two small children, and although my husband has always and still continues to be a great support I knew that this wasn’t the kind of work that I would want to be doing till my retirement. My family lives in England and I live in the Netherlands, so without the support of family around a young family growing up, it wasn’t always easy. We started to think about our future and soon became aware if I switched my career it would make life easier for us and more in balance.

I took the big plunge and started to gather information about other kinds of work. This wasn’t an easy decision, especially since I’d been working as a nurse for eight years. Some people wondered why I would want to change, after all they told me being a nurse is nice work, you get a good steady income and you get to care for people who need you. Why give that all up and enter into the unknown. The months that followed I spent gathering information. I found this a difficult scary moment but my husband supported me 100% of the way and I couldn’t have done this without him. After going through this information I decided that I didn’t just want to get another job, but instead I would try and work for myself. The idea of being able to work when was best for us and also being able to look after the children with them having minimal childcare was very appealing.

Deciding on becoming a nail technician

We started looking at what kind of small businesses there are in my local area. In the end the professions that interested me were beautician, dietician and nail technician. In my area at the time were a few well established dieticians and beauticians so I figured this would be a difficult market to get into (although now I think differently about this statement). There weren’t many nail salons, at least I couldn’t find them. So the decision I made was to train to be a nail technician because at the time I felt there was space for me in the market. This was my calculated decision and was not at all a passionate decision.

Deciding on becoming a nail technician was a bit of a puzzle

I was excited and scared all at the same time. I was going to start learning to become a nail technician yet I’d never even been in a nail salon or had a nail treatment ever.

My first lesson

It was time for my first lesson. I had no idea what to expect, so I took a seat in the middle of the class and just listened to what the teacher had to say. I loved it! The first lesson was great as were all the others. My passion had been ignited. This was a feeling which I’d never had with nursing. Yes nursing school was interesting but I can’t remember getting all excited about learning how to inject someone or bring in a catheter. I loved the fact that it was so hands on. I enjoyed all the new skills I was learning and being creative. I loved the manicure lesson, because I’ve always had a weakness for nice scents, oils and spa treatments so all the lovely smells from the scrubs, creams and soaks made me happy. The theory I found interesting, and always had 101 questions for my nail teacher, but this is just the kind of stuff that I like. I’ve continued to improve my knowledge of nail theory and can happily read about anatomy and scientific studies and get excited about it as if I’m reading a thriller. Not that I read thrillers, because I only really read information books for pleasure. I practised regularly at home what I’d been taught in the lessons and tried my best to make the gel and acrylic nails look as good as my nail teachers which of course was extremely difficult when you’re just a beginner.

I remember that the last nail lesson was the nail-art lesson. The pots were on the table full of glitter, and small black pots which when opened revealed colour gels in all kinds of colours. I was going to enjoy this lesson. The teacher gave her demos and then it was our turn. I was able to make a few designs, and I remember how pleased I was with myself. At the end of the lesson I bought some glitters and ever since I’ve never been without glitters. I love how they can add that little bit extra to a set of nails, and when you put on the top coat and you see how happy your customer is.  

My first certificate

I finished my training and had my first certificate to put on the wall. I felt so proud. Over the years I’ve followed one perfection training after another and have earned many certificates along the way.

Teaching others

A few years ago I decided that I would like to become a nail educator and approached a few nail schools to see if they would be interested in helping me fulfil my dream. With one of them I felt a great connection, and luckily they thought I would be a good fit for their team and soon after I started my educator training.

I worked for a couple of years in this nail school and enjoyed every moment of it. It was great having a lovely team of educators around me and being able to help one another out when needed.

My own nail school

The time then came that I wanted to teach in my own nail school at home. I told the nail school about this and they supported me. For the past two years I’ve been training up nail technicians and giving workshops from my own nail school. It’s been great and I love the fact that It’s small scale, so I’m able to give everyone individual attention. Also it means I have time for my family.

My own nail school

Another area which I’ve quietly been getting on with behind the scenes is personal development and coaching. I’ve been studying this for two years and not a day goes by when I don’t study. Its brought huge benefits to our lives and given us the confidence to just go for it and make important, sometimes scary decisions.

One of the big decisions we made is that my husband would give up his 40 and hour week job as an engineer and join me in the nail business. This was in December 2019 and since that day we have been happily working together to build up the Beau4Nails business. We often wonder why we didn’t do it sooner.

Online teaching

Now we’re taking another step to branch out into the world-wide-web: online teaching. I’ll be teaching you and my husband with do all the technical stuff to put together professional trainings. When I make the trainings I’m giving them as much passion, just as if you are here with me in the nail school one on one. So I hope when you take part in an online training that you have that feeling and get as much as you can out of the learning experience, and most of all have fun whilst doing it!

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